Parish History


Belman parish was established in 1894. At present, the catholic population is around 2,600 and catholic families account for around 540. The parish is divided into 15 wards. 'San Zuzechi Betkati' is the parish newsletter. Late Bishop Baptist Mudartha, retired Bishop of Allahabad hails from this parish. Till 2009, 13 parish priests have worked hard for the development of the parish and social & spiritual growth of the parishioners as well.

Location : 
This church is situated at a distance of 48 kms north of Mangalore, on Padubidri-Kudremukh State Highway and is surrounded by Mukamar, Parapady, Pernal, Mundkur, Kelmbet, Mudarangady and Palimar parishes.

The Background:
The word Belmannu came from 'bili mannu' in Kannada meaning white soil. Belman was once a part of Shirva parish. Bishop Nicholas M. Pagani, S.J. erected Belman parish by a decree dated September 10, 1894.
Belman is a village in coastal Karnataka in Udupi District, between Padubidri and Karkala. It has its natural scenic beauty with paddy fields, coconut gardens, hills and valleys. Agriculture is the main occupation of its people. Since many years, Belmanites have been moving out of the village to many parts of India, specially to Mumbai and now to gulf countries.
Christianity set its foot in our District in the 16th century and grew to considerable strength in the 17th and 18th centuries, until they were taken into captivity by Tippu Sultan. Those who survived this crisis, began to settle down again and established themselves as parishes.
One such parish was Shirva. Following the situation of those days, there were two churches at Shirva - one belonging to Padroado regime having its Bishop in Goa, and the other belonging to Propaganda congregation of Rome. The former was called N.S. De Saude and the latter, St. Francis Xaviers'. The families residing in the area in and around Belman mostly belonged to the latter church.

Formation of Belman Parish:
Considering the welfare and spiritual needs of Christians in this area, Episcopal sanction was granted for the erection of chapel in Belman by a decree dated 29th November 1886 of the Bishop of Mangalore, Rt. Rev. N.M. Pagani, S.J.
Once the decree was issued, all attention was focused on the construction of St. Joseph's chapel. After considering many other locations, a place belonging to a Brahmin family, "Madkamane", was selected and the construction of the chapel began in 1887. This place is adjacent to the present church. Construction work was financed by the Mathias family. After seven years, the work of the chapel was completed.
Permission to bless the chapel was granted by the same Bishop, Rt.Rev. N.M. Pagani, S.J. by a decree dated 10th September 1894. The same decree also effected the erection of Belman into a separate parish, marked boundaries of it, and appointed Rev.Fr. N. Carneiro, the then parish priest of St. Francis Xaviers' Church, Shirva, to be the parish priest of Belman parish/church, also. This chapel was blessed by Rev.Fr. N. Carneiro on 10th September 1894. He was ministering to the needs of Belman parishioners from Shirva parish for some years.
The chapel was built of mud walls and had a hay thatched roof. There was no house for the priest nor a belfry.
Sunday mass was at 7:00 a.m. The church dues and grave fees were to be paid to the chapel treasury. The parish priest was paid Rs.2/- as traveling expenses. The chapel was administered from Shirva.
Seeing the convenience and utility of having the church close by, some families of N.S. De Saude, Shirva and also N.S. Remedies, Kirem asked to be transferred to the new parish of Belman. Accordingly, a good number of families were added to the Belman parish at various times by Episcopal decree, and on 12th December 1900, the territorial boundary between Kirem and Belman was settled.
The Christian community consisted of people from all walks of life. A prominent family at that time, was the Mathias family. They had their houses in Kudpal, Kopla, Arkal, Indar and Dosahitlu. The other important families were the D'Mellos at Bibinal, Mudartha's at Balegundi, Aranha's at Bola and Cardoza's in and around Indar. The Mathias family traces back its origin before the captivity in 1784. They were taken captives by Tippu's soldiers. After their release in1789, they returned to Belman and settled around Naniltar. In the course of time, the Mathias family became the largest and richest in Belman and was also instrumental in starting the Belman parish. For better understanding, the history of the parish is divided into some phases.

First Phase - The beginning:
The blessing the chapel signaled the beginning of a new era in Belman.


1. Rev.Fr. Nicholas Carneiro (1894 - 1903)

He was the first parish priest of Belman and also the founder of the parish and the one who blessed the chapel at Belman. He administered the parish from Shirva till 1903.
Developmental Activities:
He started an elementary school in 1896 which has developed into St. Joseph's H.P. School. As he has to travel frequently between Shirva and Belman, he had a road constructed between these two places, which has developed into the present Shirva-Belman road.

2. Rev.Fr. Rosario P.B. Lewis (1903 - 1906)

For three years, Fr. Lewis administered the chapel from Shirva parish.
Developmental Activities:
He held a junta on 15th March 1904, at which, besides the parishioners, the Vicars of Kallianpur, Karkala, N.S. De Saude, Shirva and St. Francis Xaviers', Shirva were present. This junta prayed for a resident parish priest for Belman.
The prayer of the junta headed by Fr. Lewis was heard and a resident parish priest was appointed in the person of Fr. Emmanuel Vas.
Another important work undertaken by him was that of construction of a small house for the priests near the chapel.

Second Phase - Independent Steps:
The beginning of this phase was marked by the independent status of the parish with its own chapel, own resident parish priest and also a small cemetery besides the chapel.

3. Rev.Fr. Emmanuel Vas (1906 - 1910)

He was the first resident parish priest of Belman. He had to live in a small thatched house without any facilities.
Developmental Activities:
He began building the present parish house which he could not complete. He started a post office in the parish house, and got constructed the present Belman-Mundkur road.

4. Rev.Fr. Peter R. D'Souza (1910 - 1913)

He was an active priest who worked very hard in order to stabilize the economic condition of the parishioners.
Developmental Activities:
He got completed the work of the parish house, and added a kitchen to the parish house. He founded a reserve fund with paddy and rice collected from the parishioners. The money thus obtained was given on interest on mortgage of jewels.

5. Rev.Fr. Antony A.E. Colaco (1913 - 1914)


Fr. Antony came to Belman from Coondapur, the same place to which Fr. Peter was transferred on a temporary assignment. Due to ill health, he did not undertake any major work and was transferred within eleven months.

Third Phase - Full pledged parish.
This is the stage in which the Belman parish blossomed. As the priests were taking interest in the well-being of the parishioners, the Christian families fashioned in all respect.The most important feature of this era was that of the construction of the present church. There are many reasons doing so.

The chapel could not meet the needs of a growing catholic population. It was dangerous to hold public gatherings in the chapel as its roof had become weak and was on the verge of falling down. So, on 24th December 1922 the foundation stone for the construction of a new church was laid. The contractor of the church was Mr. Monthu Silva of Udyavar.
The people of Belman contributed about Rs.16,000/- and the remaining money was collected by Fr. Denis Lewis from outside the parish and diocese. Finally the new church was blessed on 2nd May 1933 by Rt. Rev. Dr. V.R. Fernandes, the then Bishop of Mangalore. But not all the work of the new church was completed. Only the sanctuary and main alter were plastered. The three portions of the church remained unbuilt.
During this phase, a decree was published dated 23rd December 1914. According to this decree, the boundaries between the parishes of Belman, Kirem, Kinnigoly and the future parish of Bolkunje were defined.

6. Rev.Fr. Denis Lewis (1914 - 1934)

This simple priest who knew no rest was the parish priest of Belman for 20 years.
Developmental Activities:
He raised the existing elementary school to a higher elementary school and appointed his nephew, Mr. Joseph Vas, as the Head Master. The spacious building which housed the present school was constructed by him. He started another elementary school, "Little Flower", at Abbanadka within the confines of the Belman parish. As the existing cemetery was small and in disorder, Fr. Lewis designed and got construction a large and decently walled cemetery. He started a choir group for the first time. Fr. Apoline Mathias was acting Vicar of Belman for about a month.

7. Rev.Fr. P.L. Bothelho (1934 - 1957)

He took charge of the parish on 27th May 1934 and spent 23 memorable years in Belman. He was a great orator, singer and musician. Above all, he was a great Konkani poet. The collection of his poems in the form of a book, "Kavyam Zelho", has become a best seller.
Developmental Activities:
He got constructed a Lourdes Grotto. For the first time, he organized a five-days retreat. He fortified the front façade of the church and got built the three porticos - in the front and on both sides. The parish house was repaired and the portico was added.

The schools, which were run by the parish priests, were transferred to the Catholic Board of Education on 30th July 1934 for better educational facilities. He got constructed a bridge between the parish house and the church sacristy. The front steps of the church were built by him. The boundary wall with two gates were also built by him. The interior of the church was plastered and colour windows were provided. The belfry was constructed which was kindly donated by Mr. M. Mendonca and a new bell was installed.
It was during this era that the Belman parish was assigned an Assistant Parish Priest. Thus, priests were in the beginning, Head Masters of the school and / or looking after the day functioning of the school. 

Assistant Parish Priests:
1. Fr. Jerome D'Souza, Head Master (10-08-1942 - 10-04-1943)
2. Fr. Ambrose C. Aranha (23-03-1944 - 08-09-1944)
3. Fr. Raymond D'Cunha, Head Master (09-09-1944 - 05-05-1949)
4. Fr. Thomas D'Sa, Head Master (08-05-1949 - 11-05-1954)
5. Fr. Norbert D'Souza (16-05-1954 - 20-04-1957)

Fourth Phase - Further Development:
This is the phase in 2which the Belman parish flourished. In this era, Belmanites became Bishop, priests, doctors, religious, engineers, nurses, etc. and earned a name for the church and the parish as well.
Another development of the phase is the erection of "St. Antony's Chapel" at Pakala, Manjarapalke with monthly novena and celebration of yearly feast on June 13.
The most important development of this era is the creation of a new parish, Kelmbet (Bola) from Belman parish. A new chapel was erected there, by a decree dated 11th April 1964. The then Asst. Parish Priest of Belman, Fr. Gregory D'Souza was appointed as the first parish priest of Kelmbet - St. John Bosco's parish.
On 21st November 1982, Mukamar was separated from the Belman parish and was created as a separate parish by a decree dated on 21st November 1982. Fr. Victor Pinto was the first parish priest.

8. Rev.Fr. Nicholas J. Pereira (1957 - 1973)

Having arrived from Miyar, Fr. Pereira took charge of the Belman parish on 24th April 1957. He had acquired the art of curing people of snake bite.
Developmental Activities:
He got repaired the school building and re-roofed it. Porticos on either sides of the church were completed. Flooring work of the church was also completed. The main alter of the church was redone artistically. A new block was added to the school in 1959. He built and blessed the new chapel at Kelmbet. A new block was added to the Little Flower School at Abbanadka and upgraded it to higher elementary school.

In 1967m the whole house and the church were provided with electricity. The chapel at Mukamar was built and blessed by him. He started a welfare society in 1971 by collecting shares. Milk Co-operative Society was started by him. He started the sodality for the boys and girls.

9. Rev.Fr. Aloysius Rodrigues (26th May 1973 to 20th May 1978)

Fr. Rodrigues arrived from Omzoor and took charge on 26th May 1973.
Developmental Activities:
He started youth club in Belman and continued socio-economic programmes. Added a new block to the school. He started food-for-work programme. He started construction of a hall at the school premises but could not complete it because of his untimely demise on 21st May 1978. His funeral was held at Belman and he was laid to rest in the church cemetery.

10. Rev.Fr. Lawrence Gomes (1st July 1978 to 14th May 1986)

Fr. Gomes arrived from Kadaba and took charge of Belman parish on 1st July 1978. Fr. Gomes was a strict disciplinarian and he expected the same from his parishioners.
Developmental Activities:
Fr. Rodrigues Memorial Hall was inaugurated and blessed by Rt.Rev.Dr. B.S. D'Souza, Bishop of Mangalore on 30th August 1978. Benches were provided for the church. Funeral Hearse and fans were provided. New sound system was installed. He constructed the present compound wall, dug a new dwelling well and built an overhead tank and also installed a pump set. He started the "Mother & Child Health Programme".

Fr. Gomes was the founder of St. Joseph's High School, Belman. In 1981, the foundation for the construction of a high school was laid and the work of the ground floor started. The ground floor was inaugurated by the Bishop of Mangalore, Rt.Rev.Dr. B.S. D'Souza. The painting of the church, sanctuary, façade and the belfry was undertaken by him.

11. Rev.Fr. John Fernandes (18th May 1986 to 28th June 1994)

Fr. Fernandes took charge of Belman parish on 18th May 1986. He was transferred from Katapadi parish to Belman parish.
Developmental Activities:
He toiled for 8 years for the development of Belman parish. He undertook the completion of the construction of the high school building. The first floor and terrace was constructed. The play ground in front of the high school was leveled. Sound system was also provided for both high school and the elementary school. A big new well was dug behind the high school. A new section was added to the 10th std. During his tenure, the high school got permanent recognition from the government. New furniture was added to the higher primary school.

The parish council was revitalized. Changed the liturgy to make it more meaningful for the active participation of people during the mass. Also started Saturday evening mass.
Parish house was renovated. Asst. Parish Priest's room was made self contained. All the steps in the front side of the church were repaired and cemented. Cemetery was beautified.
The structure of St. Antony's Chapel was improved and the land was purchased from the government. Started the practice of holding prayer meetings in each ward. Started a social center - "Manavika" - in Belman, a school for mentally retarded children.
The parish of Belman celebrated its 100th year jubilee(Centenary Jubilee) under his leadership and to commemorate this event, a souvenir was released.
During the whole phase, along with the parish priest, the assistant parish priests were also very active all along. They were:

1. Fr. Gregory D'Souza (March 1958 to 1964): He assisted Fr. Pereira. He was appointed as parish priest of St. John Bosco Church, Kelmbet, Bola.
2. Fr. J.M. Pereira (15th August 1965 to 20th January 1966): He came to take rest as he was ailing. He expired during the time at Kankanady and was laid to rest at Kenha (Mudarangady) church.
3. Fr. R. Moras (16th April 1966 to 15th October 1968): He was transferred to Neerude parish as parish priest.
4. Fr. Charles Moras (31st April 1969 to 24th April 1971): He was transferred to the Cathedral church at Mangalore.
5. Fr. Richard Saldanha (22nd April 1971 to 6th December 1974): He assisted in the erection of the chapel at Mukamar. He was transferred to Padukone as parish priest.
6. Fr. Andrew Lewis (16th November 1974 to 30th May 1979): He was appointed as Asst Parish Priest of Belman soon after his ordination. After the demise of Fr. Rodrigues, Fr. Lewis acted as the parish priest and completed the construction work of "Fr. A. Rodrigues Memorial Hall". He was transferred to Pakshikere as parish priest.
7. Fr. Rosario Fernandes (22nd May1980 to 27th June 1983): He was transferred as the parish priest of Parapady.
8. Fr. Walter D'Mello (9th May 1984 to 25th May 1987): Fr. Walter came to Belman from Belthangady. This active young priest was the president of "Belman Jaycees", a service organization. He was transferred as parish priest of Manipal church on 25th May 1987.
9. Fr. Gerald D'Souza (26th May 1987 to 23rd May 1988): He was also the director of Belman Youth Club. He was transferred to Kadaba as the parish priest.
10. Fr. Victor George D'Souza (24th May 1988 to 11th June 1990): He came to Belman as Assistant Parish Priest from Milagres, Mangalore. He was sent for higher studies in Canon Law to Canada.
11. Fr. Peter D'Souza (7th June 1992 to 24th May 1993): Belman parish was without Asst. Parish Priest for three years. Fr. Peter was a better organizer of camps and a good musician too. He was transferred to Jeppu Seminary to teach.
12. Fr. Sylvester D'Costa (14th June 1993 to 19th May 1995): He came from Valencia, Mangalore. He was transferred to Permannur parish as Asst. Parish Priest.

12. Rev.Fr. Thomas D'Souza (28th June 1994 to 31st December 2001)

Fr. Thomas D'Souza took charge of Belman parish as the Parish Priest on 28th June 1994. He was transferred from Bondel parish to Belman parish.
Fr. Sylvester D'Costa, Asst. Parish Priest, was transferred to Permannur parish as Asst. Parish Priest on 19th May 1995. Fr. Michael Santhumayor, newly ordained priest was appointed as Asst. Parish Priest of Belman parish on 21st May 1995.
Developmental Activities:
Laid the foundation stone for the "Centenary Memorial Building" of St. Joseph's H.E. School on 15th August 1995 by Rev.Fr. Cyril D'Souza, Secretary, Catholic Board of Education, Mangalore.

The cost of the project was Rs.28 lakhs.
Constructed laterite stone compound wall around the high school and higher primary school premises. The cost was Rs.1,83,000/-.
Conducted charismatic retreat for the parishioners for a week from 17th March 1996 through Rev. Fr. Francis Rebello, S.J.
Extended the building of St. Antony's Shrine at Pakala to provide more space at the cost of Rs.97,000/-.
Construction work of St. Joseph's Church Commercial Complex started on 22nd March 1996 in the church property situated near the Belman bus stand. The parish council decided to give the shops on ownership basis at Rs,.2,75,000/- per shop which was approved by the Bishop of Mangalore, Rt.Rev. Basil S. D'Souza.
The Government gave recognition to the mentally retarded school - Manavika - on 26th October 1995.
On 31st December 1996, the St. Joseph's Higher Primary School, Belman, celebrated its centenary. Rt.Rev. Bishop Aloysius Paul D'Souza inaugurated the newly constructed centenary memorial building and presided over the function.
In May 1997, Fr. Michael Santhumayor was transferred and Fr. Dolphy Monteiro arrived in his place as Asst. Parish Priest. In August 1997, the commercial complex and the parish hall were inaugurated in the absence of Rev.Fr. Thomas D'Souza who was hospitalized.
Having rendered one year's service as asst. parish priest, Fr. Dolphy was transferred to Narampady as parish priest. Fr. Jerome D'Souza took his place as asst. parish priest, who was also a teacher in the parish high school. After two years of teaching in the high school, he was transferred to Pompei Junior College but he still continued as assistant in this church. Daily, he would travel to Kirem and return in the evening.
After three years of service in this parish, Fr. Jerome was transferred to Kinnigoly parish. On 7th May 2002.Fr. Lawrence Mascarenhas arrived as our asst. Fr. Thomas was often sick and had to be hospitalized. In September, foundation stone was laid for the mini hall near the church. It was a need of the parish to have a place for the meetings of the associations and small gatherings of the parish and parishioners. The work of the construction was going on under the supervision of Fr. Lawrence. Fr. Thomas was away for long periods. Fr. Lawrence shouldered the full responsibility of the entire parish, still as an assistant. Fr. Thomas' health deteriorated and on 31st December 2001 he breathed his last at 3:00 p.m. at Fr. Muller's Hospital at Kankanady, Mangalore. The last rites were performed on the 2nd January 2002 at 3:00 p.m. The Bishop of Mangalore, with a large number of priests, concelebrated the Holy Mass. Thousands of people attended and Fr. Thomas was laid to rest in Belman church cemetery. 
Fr. Lawrence was made in charge parish priest by the Bishop. During lent, there was a charismatic retreat by Jerry, S.V.D., which was an occasion for many people to come close to God. On the 17th April, our annual parish feast was celebrated.
On the 19th May, was a simple function inaugurating the mini hall. Fr. Lawrence himself blessed. That day itself was the elders' day in our parish. Our elders occupied the hall for the first time. On 25th May 2002, the new parish priest arrived.

13. Rev.Fr. Lawrence Rodrigues (25th May 2002 to 1st June 2009)

At 4:30 p.m., the new parish priest took the charge of the Belman parish. The very next day, Fr. Lawrence Mascarenhas was transferred to Allipade as the parish priest. On 27th May 2002, Fr. Pascal Menezes arrived to render service in this parish as an asst.
Fr. Rodrigues took charge of Belman parish when there were still three more months for him to retired from Pompei Junior College, Kirem, i.e., on 31st August 2002, at the age of 58. He shuttled between Belman and Kirem daily on week days for 3 months discharging his duties at both the places.
During the seven years of Vicariate at Belman, Fr. Lawrence was assisted by four priests. They were:

1. Fr. Pascal Menezes (27th May 2002 to 22nd May 2003). He was with the Fr. Lawrence for 2 years at Madanthyar and was now recuperating his health at Shirva, helped as a 'Socius' in Belman for a year. He was a good singer, dynamic and talented priest and was popular. He was transferred in May 2003 to Parapady as in charge parish priest.
2. Fr. Praveen Amrith Martis (17th May 2003 to 17th May 2005): Fr. Martis was a newly ordained priest and was in Belman for two years as an asst. and was transferred to Bidar in May 2005.
3. Fr. Vijay Lobo (16th May 2005 to 27th May 2007): He was a newly ordained priest and served the parish as an asst. for two years. Thereafter he was sent to Manipal church as a resident to do B.Ed. at Udupi.
4. Fr. Rocky Ravi Fernandes (10th May 2007 to 30th May 2009): He was a newly ordained priest. After serving in Belman as an asst. for two years, was transferred to Bendur church as an asst. parish priest.

Developmental Activities:
The development activities during the tenure of Fr. Lawrence Rodrigues as parish priest can be identified as follows:

- Every effort was made to build up the parish community; existing pious associations, S.V.P., Tersiaries, Alter Boys' and Girls' Sodalities, ICYM, YCS, Catholic Sabha (were strengthened), and Shthree Sanghatan were restarted.
- In lent, annual retreats were conducted; Senior Citizens' Day (for above 65 years) was celebrated; Parish Day was celebrated for the time on 7th December 2008, important persons were honoured, sumptuous dinner was served and an attractive cultural programme was arranged in the evening.
- Regular Small Christian Community (SCC) meetings were held ward wise.
- Ward feasts and ward picnics were conducted.
- In May 2006, May 2007 and May 2008, ordinations for priesthood were held.
- A socio, economic and educational survey was done personally by the parish priest in April 2003.
- The church cemetery which was in a bad shape, was given a face-lift by terracing (creating four layers) in November 2002.
- The Fr. Thomas D'Souza Memorial Mini Hall, adjacent to the presbytery, started by Fr. Thomas and inaugurated just before the arrival of Fr. Lawrence in May 2002, had no window and door shutters. They were done at the cost of more than Rs.40,000/- in spite of financial constraints.
- The roads inside the church compound, leading to the main road were asphalted at government cost of Rs.1,20,000/-, thanks to the influence of the parish priest and the then first ever catholic president of Belman Panchayat, Mr. Xavier D'Mello, on local (Kaup Constituency) M.L.A. and minister, Mr. Vasanth Salian.
- The parish bulletin 'Betkati' was strengthened.
- The entire church building was painted/renovated wherever necessary, at a cost of Rs.1,60,000/-.
- The church façade and the roof, which were badly damaged by lightning were repaired at a cost of Rs.1,50,000/-.
" In October 2007, an electricity transformer was installed at cost of Rs.1,40,000/- after paying heavy penalties imposed by MESCOM and to avoid future penalties.
- Two adamant tenants were evicted on court order without any relief.
- The new presbytery was inaugurated and blessed by the Bishop of Mangalore on 10th January 2006. The cost of construction was Rs.45 lakhs. This excludes the cost of wood; wood was obtained from the seasoned teak and jack trees from the church compound.
- The newly built adoration chapel, constructed at the cost of Rs.12 lakhs was blessed by the Bishop of Mangalore on 11th February 2007.
- The newly constructed arch (Mahadwara) in front of the church, sponsored by Mr. Simon D'Souza of Mumbai (who was born and brought up in Belman) was also blessed by the Bishop of Mangalore on 11th February 2007.
- The two mahadwaras (Arches) at the northern side of the church and at the cemetery which were sponsored by Mr. Maxim Mathias, an electrical contractor in Mumbai (originally from Belman) were inaugurated and blessed on 13th May 2007 on the Platinum Birthday Jubilee Celebration of his mother, Mrs. Bridgith Mathias, who resided near Belman church.
- In spite of carrying out various projects, the church finance position was raised. The position as on 31st March 2009 was:
i) Church funds - Rs.13.5 lakhs; 
ii) St. Antony's Chapel - Rs.7 lakhs; 
iii) Parish bulletin 'Betkati' - Rs.2.58 lakhs;
- A compound wall was built to St. Antony's Chapel, Pakala, Manjarapalke at the cost of Rs.1,60,000/- during April-May 2004. Monthly novena and annual feast are being held there.
- The roof of St. Antony's Chapel was renovated at a cost of Rs.90,000/- during March/April 2003.
- Toilets were built and a bore well was drilled with the provision of pump set in May 2008 at a cost of Rs.75,000/-.
- Celebration of Silver Jubilee of St. Joseph's High School, Belman, was observed in November 2007.
- A new block having a kitchen and store room for mid day meal on ground floor and a computer lab/library on first floor with 12 computers were put up in St. Joseph's High School, Belman. It was sponsored by Mr. Maxim Mathias of Mumbai.

14. Rev.Fr. Lawrence B. D'Souza (1st June 2009 to Till date)

Fr. Lawrence B. D'Souza, came from Kenha (Mudarangady) parish, and took charge of Belman parish on 1st June 2009. On the very next day, Fr. Lawrence Rodrigues left to Yermal, a small parish, because of his failing health.
Fr. Lawrence is a man of few words and deep thinking, smart, self disciplined and hard working individual.
Born on April 9, 1951 to Late Belchor D'Souza and Mrs. Josephine D'Souza of Balkunje, he had his primary education in Balkunje, and high school studies in Kirem. He graduated (B.A.) from St. Aloysius College, Mangalore. In 1966, he joined St. Joseph's Seminary, Jeppu, Mangalore to become a priest to serve in the wine yard of Jesus Christ in Mangalore Diocese. On 5th May 1977 he was ordained as a priest.
After ordination, he was sent to Udyavara (Udupi) as an assistant parish priest. Later, he served in Indabettu (Bangady) mission center as a missionary for 7 years. Then he was sent to Taccode (Moodabidri) as a Parish Priest and he was there for seven years. He has also served in Milagres (Kallianpur) parish as an assistant.
At this time, he was sent to Belthangady by his superiors to shoulder greater responsibility as a Vicar Vara of Belthangady Varado, in addition to Belthangady parish as a Parish Priest. He successfully completed seven years there.
In 2002, he was asked to take charge of Kenha (Mudarangady) parish as a Parish Priest, and after serving there for seven years, he took charge of Belman parish as a Parish Priest effective 2nd June 2009.
He was a better hockey and football player both at the college and at the seminary. Fr. Lawrence believes in 'simple living and high thinking' besides being a visionary. 
Developmental Activities: